Assumption of Command

17 February 2005

Columbia University Debates Bringing Back ROTC

Sarah @ Trying to Grok found this Opinion on weather Columbia should bring back ROTC Written by By Nick Rosenthal:

I am shocked as well. As a graduate of ROTC I feel I am qualified to respond:

First of all, let's get something straight it's not like ROTC was here recently. It's been gone for 35 years. After the student riots on campus in 1968, the administration agreed to ban ROTC from campus. The reasons that ROTC was removed from campus then remain true today. While the U.S. is no longer in Vietnam, it is now all over the Middle East. Most students here did not then, and do not now, support U.S. military efforts. We do not want a military presence on this campus, and we do not wish to see our school assisting the U.S. military in any way.

All over the Middle east? huh? Yes we are here in a few countries but I would hardly call it all over the place.

When you say we, who do you mean? You and Who? Maybe you don't care for the military, a fact that you make blatantly obvious, but I am afraid you cannot possibly speak for the entire campus. Do you have any scientific evidence other than "We"

...And now students in favor of returning ROTC to campus are starting to make noise, saying that they are being treated unfairly.

So there are other students that are not part of "We". I guess Nick doesn't speak for everyone. Just because All powerful Nick doesn't like something it must not be tolerated. And because I have a forum to voice my opinion Everyone must agree with him.

By accepting ROTC on campus, Columbia would be encouraging some of its students not to be great thinkers but to be warriors whose purpose is to kill.

So now all of a sudden Everyone in uniform is stupid. I would like you to say that to my History professor or my Physics Professor both or my College Advisor. All three of them are retired veterans and two of them have their PHds in their fields. Are they not great thinkers.

Supporters of the ROTC will attempt to make distinctions like, "you can train to be a doctor in the military," or whatever, but the point is, anyone in uniform is just as guilty of enforcing the will of the United States via the use of force as the soldier who actually pulls the trigger.

Whatever happened to Support the Soldier not the war. Now all soldiers are guilty just because they are doing their duty. I thought we got past this closed-minded thinking back in the 70's.

Joining the military is flushing your education down the toilet. Why would people come here if they were just going to enter the military upon graduation in the first place? It's like, "Well, I just spent four years learning about mankind's accomplishments, but all I really want to do is kill people."

I Don't want to kill people. That is not why I joined the Army. I joined the Army because I value the Freedoms this Country has provided my family since it arrived. I am first generation American on my Mother's side. My Grandfather moved his family to America in order to avoid religious persecution. My Family truly know what freedom is and that it shouldn't be taken for granted. The US has given my Family so many opportunities, including mine, that when I was called I gladly went without complaint.

The 4 years I spent in college was not wasted. It taught me to recognize your Bull Sh*t!

Seriously the combination of my 4 year degree and my military experience made me into the man I am. If this is such a waste of education, how come corporate America lines up for military officers leaving the service? Maybe they know something you don't. The combination of education, leadership, dedication and loyalty makes a great employee. I can't wait to get back to my civilian job where they welcome those traits.

I'm not really sure how the Core curriculum is going to come in handy when you've been ordered to stack a group of naked Iraqi prisoners in a human pyramid.

It all comes back to the pyramid. It must be some pyramid scheme. You would think at a much higher learning institution such as Columbia you could come up with a better argument than the pyramid. Be creative.

Meanwhile, our campus is one of the few remaining places where as students,we can be free from the ever-increasing "let's roll" mentality that is becoming so dominant in this nation.

WOW! Tread on some more graves would you. That comment is disgusting. If the "Let's Roll" mentality means: standing up for what you believe in, taking action to not lose control, protecting innocent lives while putting your self in harms way, protecting the Freedom that makes this country great than what's the problem.

Even if this does increase the amount of diversity here, this is not how the diversity should be created, with white students being doctors and lawyers, and blacks and Latinos being soldiers.

And this is further proof that La Shawn Barber is correct about the Left being racist.

I am truly sorry Nick fells the way he does. I just hope his thoughts and feelings, and others like him, do not turn into a spit on the soldier mentality. That would be a true disaster.