Assumption of Command

25 February 2005

A good comment to the Single Soldiers post

brooklyn rooster commented to my Single Soldiers post:

The single guy has it easy. You do not have the worries eating you up all the time - family matters, etc...

BR makes a very good point. Some things are easier for troopers without dependents. Just ask a reserve soldier trying to enroll their family into tri-care. By no means was my post trying to diminish the difficulties that a married soldier has during deployment. Not all spouses are as caring or as strong as we would like them to be. I know it is tough for troops not to be involved in their family as much as they would like. I have also seen first hand what family problems can do to a troopers spirit. I had soldiers in my previous deployment find out that their significant other wasn't faithful. I don't know exactly how that would feel. But by looking at them, it sure isn't good.

Soldiers with and without families have different difficulties. I just wanted to point out the one that doesn't get much attention.

BR, our opinions do not clash they just come from different viewpoints. Thanks for responding.