Assumption of Command

24 February 2005

Helping basil in his blog war!

Like I don't have enough war to deal with as it is.

basil @ basil's blog is in a war with Sortapundit. Since basil is a good guy I will give him a hand. The object of the war is to make google searches on weird phrases come up with basil's blog instead of Sortapundit's.

check basil's blog war update site

every side in a war needs a flag!
Good Guys Battle Flag

here are the crazy phrases to help basil.

Paris Hilton's cell phone number
The ****** at DFNCTSC Sorry basil! I have to edit that.
Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers
Girls big tit
Free big tit sites
Jamie Lynn Spears naked

I told you they were goofy!

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