Assumption of Command

26 February 2005

I am I the only guy that does stupid things?

I am a typical guy. By that I mean, Men don’t pick up on things, past or present, nearly as fast as the women in their life think they should.

Why do you need to know this revelation, you ask.

As I have mentioned before, I started this site to improve my writing. I really wasn’t planning on telling anyone about it. This morning I told my Girlfriend, AKA my FCC@V, back home about this site. And wouldn’t you know it, the first thing she mentions to me is RightWingSparkle’s comment to my Single Soldiers post.

Okay, now that I have (with a little help) put two and two together, I should have made mention of my wonderful, sweet, understanding, lovely, cute, and supportive Girlfriend quicker. Did I mention that she is understanding? :)

BTW: Desert combat boots really don’t taste bad. I seem to be acquiring the taste of them.