Assumption of Command

17 February 2005

Mail Call!

No I am not going to discuss R. Lee Ermy show. (that might be fun) but today we got a truck load of mail... No really we received a whole truck full of mail. Not one of those little pick ups either. We got a full LMTV full of mail.

Besides all the work to load and unload this replacement for the old "deuce and a half". Getting mail is a lot of fun for the troops. Except those who have to sort it and keep all of the other troops away so that the mail can be sorted and organized.

It seem sometimes that the soldiers of this outfit only want to come around when we have mail to hand out. There must be a "mail is here" alarm because everyone know when it arrives. And when they get here they don't want to wait. So I have to keep everybody out of the way so my clerk can do his job. Patience is a virtue.

Mail is a very important part of the morale of a Soldier. We are here a long way from home doing things that sometimes we really don't want to do, and we are away from our family and friends that love us. Sometimes we forget about everybody that loves us back home and remember what a crappy deal we have right now. But the day that we get mail, or better yet a care package, Oh Man. We remember how wonderful things are back home and that we aren't forgotten back there and that when we get home everything is going to be okay.

Some soldiers get hand drawn things from their kids. Others get photos for the room. A lot of the time I get Homemade cookies. :) (Mommy Made Cookies are the best) A great deal of the packages I get have my brand of personal hygiene products. The PX just doesn't have any good stuff and when they do it disappears so fast that I never get what I want. But I am picky when it comes to my shampoo. (while I write this I am eating popcorn I got sent)

On the flip side of the wonderful part of getting mail is not getting mail. Everyone knows How many packages they should have received already. And most of the time people have e-mailed their soldier to say I sent you this 3 weeks ago and you don't have it yet. So not only are the families upset but that in turn makes the soldier frustrated. I have heard a lot of cussing and gnashing of teeth about the postal service here. And my clerk usually gets blamed for holding the mail. It hurts me as a leader to see troops upset at something I can't control.

Mail day is a good day! (When you get yours)

BTW: Has anyone seen my mail!