Assumption of Command

26 February 2005

Mustang Brand Decaf

Read this Coffee Post first: The Power of Coffee!


We are here in a remotely deployed unit's headquarters, where we have secretly replaced their normal coffee with Mustang Brand Decaf. Let's see if they can tell the difference... Hey Soldier! Yeah You! How was your coffee this morning?

uhhhhh... Helicptorrrrrr...ohhhh over... bed last night... will not survive meetings

Well I don't think he is going to be much help. Let's try that soldier sitting over there. Soldier. WAKE UP! AHHH! Why are your eyes so red?

you use the printer too much... We have no more printer cartridges. *thump*

There you have it! These soldiers can't tell the difference. Go out and buy your Mustang Brand Decaf at your favorite store today.
Not found at any AAFES outlet.


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