Assumption of Command

09 March 2005

Be careful what you ask for...

For some reason, I am the kind of guy that tends to receive more than his fair share good natured ribbing from his friends. Why is this? Maybe it is my propensity to start the "business giving" myself.

I have a bunch of good friends back home. I call the them the crew, the gang, and sometimes words that I shouldn't mention.

On the last weekend before I went on to active duty, we went on a camping/floating weekend and the last weekend before I flew to the sandbox they took me out to a Big Steak dinner and a night of shooting pool. The made sure to let them know if they could help out in any way.

Turn the clock forward a few weeks. I was just arriving here in Iraq and I came up with a list of stuff that I could use, because there is no PX here. The list included specific brands of soap and tooth paste, a good flashlight as it is really dark here and some pitching for a very bad nameless baseball team.

When I arrived here at my basecamp, I was pleased to find out that I got a bed. I feel very privileged. I was really glad to not have to live on a cot for the rest of the deployment. So I added sheets to my list. Because this list was primarily for my Mom, I made sure to let her know that I didn't what sheets that seemed girlie. I was trying to avoid getting a hard time from my troops. So I put on the list "2 Sets of twin sheets, and none of that flowery crap."

My Friends got a hold of the list:


I didn't get any of that Flowery Crap. I told my friends that Strawberry Shortcake was the only girl I would get to sleep with the whole deployment.

Everyone around here got a good laugh at this. I just hope they are laughing with me and not at me :)