Assumption of Command

22 March 2005

A good problem to have.

By no means am I trying to make light of Sarah's (Trying to Grok) current problem. If you don't know her husband just returned from a very successful deployment here in Iraq. But, as all married couples do, she is having trouble getting used to having her husband back home.

However, it feels weird to me to have him in charge of the household, since that's been my lane for our entire marriage. It's been my job for so long that it feels weird to let go of the responsibility, and I feel a little useless and not in control.
I mentioned before that the Army has programs and classes to make married couples understand what difficulties they will face. I am not saying that she and her husband have not taken these classes, (they are mandatory for him) but one truly will not know the effects of being gone so long will have. But as long as both parties know that these issues exist, they will work things out. It just takes time.

I wish the best of luck to Sarah and her husband in getting through these integration times.

While still not making light of Sarah's problem, This is an issue I wish my unit had right now. We still have a long time to go. I am looking forward to having those boring classes back stateside. "Death by PowerPoint" is terrible, but it will mean we are already home and about ready to be released from active duty. If these are the worst problems my troopers have to face, I will be a happy commander.

Sarah, It could be a lot worse. Hang in there.