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23 March 2005


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My unit got some of these "Energy" Bars. I had never seen them. I think its pretty funny to have a Hooah Bar. I use Hooah in normal everyday conversation around here. But not everyone knows what Hooah sounds like or means. So leave the it to me to tell you.

The there a couple movies that might give you an idea of what Hooah sounds like. The most notable movie actually pronounces it wrong. Scent of a Woman has Al Pacino pronouncing it: WHO---AH! But in all honesty it isn't a 2 syllable word. For a correct pronunciation watch the movie with Danny Devito and Gregory Hines (I never thought a tap dancer would make a good Drill Sergeant, but he proved me wrong) in Renaissance Man. They pronounce it as it should be with just one syllable (okay, for the PhDs out there, I know it is spelled like it should be 2 syllables but it is just one as the OOA makes just one vowel sound) There really is no Ahhhhh sound, like after you drink a particularly good box of Pineapple nectar, or when you open up at the doctors office. The AH is an abrupt end to the word Hooah. If you want to extend the word, as it commonly is, It would be more like hOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOah. Got it? Good!

Back to the Energy bar. On the back of the Hooah bar it says:

The battle cry "HOOAH!'" is a cornerstone of military culture. It communicates energy, affirmation, can-do-spirit, teamwork, and fearlessness. Soldiers shout it as they jump out of helicopters, storm beaches, (HUH! I am not a marine) and freefall behind enemy lines. It means anything and everything except no.
My comment is in bold.

This Energy bar got me really courious, so I did a google search on Hooah. I found all kinds of Hooah things.

There are a lot of definitions out there, but I like Combat Magazine’s version the best:

A Desiderative Exegesis Concerning
Arcane U.S. Army Vernacular Esoterica

HOOAH: (whoah) (var: hooha, hoohah, huzzah, hussah, hissa, hooyah, hoorah, hurrah, hooray) (cf: hoise) [n, adj, v, adv, interj] being mil-speak vulgate slang which refers to, implies, or means anything and everything, except "no / negative / cannot / unable", being generally used as an exclamation, a declaration, an expression of enthusiasm or agreement, or when at a loss for words; variously:

  1. yes, okay, all right, agreed, affirmative, very well, certainly, without fail, can do, will do, wilco; [eg: "Yes, sir ... all the way!]
  2. sound, clear, loud-and-clear, comprehensible, understood, message received, good copy, solid copy, discern, apprehend, recognize, roger, get it, dig it; [eg: "Read five-by-five!"]
  3. satisfactory, acceptable, passable, good, fine, excellent, superb, great, magnificent, unexcelled, right on, top notch, top drawer, tip top, first water, crackerjack; [eg: "Outstanding!"]
  4. hail, salute, greet, meet, include, encompass, embrace, welcome; [eg: "Howdedo ... nice reception."]
  5. admiration, regard, appreciation, relish, esteem, respect, veneration, cognizance, esprit, esprit de corps; [eg: "Really neat ... me too!"]
  6. ignorance, obliviousness, unenlightenment, bewilderment, unfamiliarity, mystification, inscrutability, recondite, abstruse, obscurity, incomprehension;[eg: "No excuse, sir, but I will check on it!"]
  7. enough, sufficient, excessive, forestall, thwart, interrupt, interject, silence, quell, quieten, allay, nullify, subdue, check, stifle, squelch, muzzle, hush, choke off, at-ease, shut up; [eg: "That's enough crap ... sit down!"
  8. inattentive, distracted, bemused, unmindful, disengaged; [eg: "Whatever ... I wasn't listening!"]
  9. stop, halt, cease, desist, suspend, refrain, finish, conclude, terminate; [eg: "Knock off that whining!"
  10. astonishment, dubiety, confusion, suspicion, stupefaction, disbelief, mistrust, uncertainty, skepticism, incredulity; [eg: "Ya gotta be kidding!"]
  11. proceed, continue, persist, persevere, advance, progress, endure, tenacity; [eg: "Carry on!"]
  12. puzzlement, befuddlement, perplexity, confound, boggle, muddle, baffle, nonplus, turbidity, obscurity; [eg: "I'm too embarrassed to request clarification!"]
  13. achievement, proficiency, deed, exploit, tour de force, fulfillment, attainment, success, accomplishment, triumph, conquest, victory; [eg: "Ya dun right!"]
  14. wonderful, fabulous, terrific, marvelous, sensational, spectacular, splendid, stupendous, awesome, audacious, intense, smashing, superduper, bang on, bang up, cool, boss, rad, wow; [eg: "Hot S**T!"
  15. gratitude, appreciation, recognition, obliged, attribution, beholden, thankfulness; [eg: "Thank you!"]
  16. anthem, benediction, prayer, versification, hymn, offertory, rejoice / hallelujah; [eg: "Amen!"].
I even heard an officer once say: "When in doubt, Be Hooah!"

Here are some of the other things I found:

The best thing I found was a blogger who describes herself as:

Hooah Wife!

A 30 something mother of 3, politically conservative, Jewish, opinionated military wife whose husband is deployed to Iraq. You'll read my views on politics, current events & parenting alone during deployment.

Make sure to visit Greta's site because she is Hooah!

I think I am about Hooahed out. :)

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