Assumption of Command

15 March 2005

IBM Fires Reservist for being called up too many times

You have got to be kidding me.

Via Mudville:

Did his duty - then lost his job:
Michael Warren, a native of Port Jefferson, L.I., is suing International Business Machines Corp. for firing him because since 9/11 he's been called up too often by the Army Reserves.
A Big Company like IBM should have no problem with the Federal Laws protecting Citizen Soldiers. This is a real sad state of affairs. I can see how it can be difficult for small business to handle things like this.

My company has no problems at all. They are really good at supporting the troops. I am not worried at all about my job at home. It will be there when I return. And from time to time I get nice notes from some of the officers in my company saying "thank you" and "be safe". I wish all Reserve Soldiers have it as easy as I do.