Assumption of Command

14 March 2005

The Iraqis are quick to pick up on things.

Via Citizen Smash:

Iraq the Model: Shorja announces sanctions on Syria!
Frankly speaking the story amazed me because for the 1st time I see merchants putting economic benefit in the second place and the decision was made spontaneously, unlike Saddam's orders of boycotting western products back in the early 90's which forced wholesalers as well as small shop keepers who depended on those products for a great portion of their incomes to adopt a high level of secrecy in their exchanges.
This is great news. This is one of the steps the Iraqis are making to rebuild thier country into a great peace loving nation. This might be a small step but it is a step. The Iraqi people are recognizing how to put an end to this war here. They know who is causing the problems here (Not the Americans) and are taking whatever steps they can to help. If its a product boycott that will decrease funding to the bad guys or if it is the little girl and her bear. Every thing bit is helping and the tides are turning.

The more the local population here helps end the violence, the quicker the Americans will leave. That is their goal, not an exit strategy!

I wonder if the media will pick up on this.