Assumption of Command

31 March 2005

I've Got Mail

I got a package in the mail the other day. Packages are always nice to get. This one was from my Girlfriend, FCC@V. She knows that I like to bowl and that I really miss my league every Monday Night. Every Monday I used to go and bowl with her brother-in-law. His name is "Walking eagle" because he is so full of S*** he can't fly. A little bit ago FCC@V went to go visit her sister and Walking Eagle. If you have been reading my site, you would know that I like Cookies. (Note: Mustang Mama Reports there are cookies in the Mail, They Better be!!!!) So FCC@V combined them both and sent me a package:

Bowling Ball Cookies
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YEA! How cool is this. If I can't go bowling here at least I can have bowling ball cookies.

And the picture is of Walking Eagle's baby boy, Crawling Eagle, And from what I hear he is as full of S*** as his Dad, but this time it is the real stuff. I like the picture of Crawling Eagle in front of the flag. Just like my Eagle and Flag in the upper right hand corner. Cool!

Thank you!