Assumption of Command

16 March 2005

Kudos to 7-Eleven.

Besides having all of the Frozen treats and Big Honkin' Nachos, 7-Eleven has been selling "Support the Troops" bracelets as a Fund Raiser for USO.

7-Eleven 'Support Our Troops' Campaign Raises More Than $1 Million for the USO:
the world's largest chain of convenience stores, is donating more than $1 million from the sale of its "Support Our Troops" wristbands to the USO. The money will be used to support programs and services that benefit U.S. military personnel and their families worldwide.

7-Eleven is the first national retailer to sell wristbands to raise money to support the USO, pledging to donate $1 for every band sold. Since last December, 7-Eleven customers in 30 states and the District of Columbia have been lending a hand to support the troops by purchasing and wearing the camouflage-green bands, embossed with "Support Our Troops" on one side and "USO" on the other.

I have utilized USO's serevices before. They are a real class act. Thank you 7-Eleven for supporting a wonderful organization. And thank you to everyone who bought the bracelets.