Assumption of Command

31 March 2005

Marine's Sister Can't hang a Picture in her class.

A high school student and her teacher, in Oregon, has been told that post a picture of her brother on a wall along with many other graduates and students of the teacher.

Shea Riecke is very proud of her brother service so she decided to post this picture:

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Photo credit: Marine Corps Moms

Shea's brother is Cpl Bill Riecke (right)

Shea is being to told that the picture cannot be posted because of the weapon in his hand. But The school's mascot, which is prominently displayed, holds a sword.

Michelle Malkin has a better description of events. including some good e-mail addresses.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs. But I think the school did this to the wrong family. Shea's mom runs a Blog called Marine Corps Moms. It is a site dedicated to the families of Marines. And they are getting a lot of support.

You should go and give them your support, before I make you do push-ups! :)

Update: RCBEEP makes a great point in the comments. I just have been thrown into a state of indecision on this topic.