Assumption of Command

15 March 2005

Mom is Great!

Today is my Mom's Birthday. She goes by the name Mustang Mama!

Throughout this whole deployment, she has been great. She sends me e-mails that always start out "Hi Honey!". But I think I get my fumble fingers from her because once it said "Hi Boney!" But being the good son, I didn't say anything about it.

She also goes shopping for me. She gets my favorite vitamins, toothpaste, and snacks, and two sets of Non-Strawberry Shortcake Sheets. Then she makes my Dad pack them in a box and send them to me here.

She also makes the best Sugar Cookies. Everyone here loves those cookies. First Sergeant is always raving about them. He once had me tell my Mom "Stop being stingy with the cookies, Send a whole tub of them!" I just got the whole tub of them a couple days ago, and now First Sergeant is happy. (Its always good for a commander to keep his First Sergeant happy)

I sent her a card a little bit ago, but I am not sure if she got it yet, the mail is slow. But I wanted to say Happy Birthday here.

So Everybody needs to help me in wishing my Mom Happy Birthday by leaveing a comment.

Happy Birthday Mom,

Thanks for Everything you do.

PS Send More Cookies! :)

Update: Thanks everyone for helping Mustang Mama have a much better Birthday than she thought she was going to have. She says in the comments to "keep them coming."

I want to thank Sean @ Doc In The Box, Mrs G. @ The Mudville Gazette, and Basil @ Basil's Blog for helping with the comment drive. I would also like to thank Michelle Malkin for stopping in and wishing Mustang Mama Happy Birthday. (third Comment) If you think my site is wildly popular, you should see her stats. :)