Assumption of Command

13 March 2005

Mubarak is Grasping

From the files of Captain Obvious:

Egypt's press is rejecting repetitive U.S. claims that its model of democracy is prevailing in the Middle East, urging it to immediately end Iraq war and withdraw its troops to prove its good intentions.
We all know what Aljezeera agenda is, but what most people don't know is that the Egyptian press is state run.

Let's review. Recently, Hosni Mubarak, having been in office since 1981, has been forced to hold open and free election by his people. The reason Mubarak has been in office so long is the lack of real elections. So now that real democracy is threatening his own power, he orders his press to attack America's intentions and accomplishments. Big surprise, Aljezeera is there to pick up on it.

Mubarak is having a bad case of Sour Grapes.

Update: Huntress has a good and lengthy post about Mid-East Politics at Diary Of A Hollywood Refugee