Assumption of Command

29 March 2005

Mustang Mama Strikes Again!

"Mustang Mama" (AKA My Mom) met Jeanne Ashley, the morning show lady on Star 102, the other day and being the proud Mustang Mama that she is, She let Jeanne know all about her son in Iraq and that he even has a website.

I asked Mustang Mama: “hey what’s the deal with the Radio Lady?” Maybe I should have added the little smiley face at the end of the question, because she thinks I am upset. Whoops! Sorry Mom!

I am actually proud to have people read this site. I am very happy to welcome listeners of Jeanne Ashley(Star 102 mornings, 1430-1900 Iraq time or 530-1000 CST which ever you prefer) and Star 102 to my site. Pull up your chair, put your feet up (just not on your mouse) , grab a Coffee, whip out your sense of humor, or bring out your emotions, because all opinions are welcome here, even if I don't agree with them. And feel free to leave a comment or 3.

But I am not the only deployed blogger right now. There are some other troopers that have great stories, opinions, and experiences to share.

Here are the ones I have been reading:

Go visit these other bloggers, or I will make you do push-ups! :)

Thanks for stopping by!