Assumption of Command

28 March 2005

People who don't like me!

I knew it would happen sooner or later. It appears that someone in the blogosphere doesn't like me. He even thinks I am Asinine. Funny, my friends call me much worse names at home, but that is beside the point.

So in honor of this accomplishment, I am going to start a list on my side bar of people who don't like me. I will then link that list to my post explaining why they don't like me and why I should or should not care. I usually find it funny when people don't like me. So if you are worried about my psyche, just do what I do, consider the source and laugh at it. I have had plenty of practice.

So here is the first installment of "People who Don't like Me!"

This one is worth a laugh.

Earlier I wrote a post about the deserter Jeremy Hinzman and how Canada Refused to grant him refugee status.

Well, Kevin O'Meara @ The Command T.O.C. takes exception and explains why in his post (Get This!) Another Asinine Army Officer.

Another asinine comment from a person who believes that since he is a Captain in the Army he can be the biggest playground bully in the world.
And Proud of it!
Captain Mustang 23 (Real original, everyone wants to be Tom Cruise)
He must be really grasping, if he has to make fun of my name. Tom Cruise?
Well, I would have loved to have "Mustang 23" call Muhammad Ali a wimp when he claimed CO status. My guess is that Mustang would have gone down in one punch.
The difference is Ali stood up to his critics and took responsibility for his actions, unlike what SPC Hinzman did. SPC Hinzman ran away from something he volunteered to do. Ali did not volunteer and did not swear an oath. Ali disagreed with the oath before he took it. Big difference.

BTW: The only thing he gets correct in the whole post is, Yes back then Ali would have kicked my butt.
Please Mustang, report on Iraq but leave your silly asinine comments off the blog. It makes you look bad and reflects really poorly on the U.S. Army.
I don't have a problem with Kevin writing silly asinine comments on his blog, so if you don't mind, I will write what I want on mine. And If you think it makes me look bad, I must be doing something right. And to clarify, read my disclaimer. My writing is just that, my writing.

I respect Kevin's right to have an opinion, but disagree whole-heartedly. Still, I think Kevin could have put a bit more work in to it.

Update1: Thank you to everyone for a great conversation in the comments, even if I disagree, I like to hear all well thought out views. BTW: "Mustang 23" is the callsign I was assigned (not chosen) during part of my active duty time. It means a lot to me to be a part of the history of the 8th US Cavalry. Honor & Courage!

Update2: "Hell on Heels" rides on!

Update3: MustangSarge has a great post over on Kevin's original post.