Assumption of Command

29 March 2005

Smash Takes on Pablo

Citizen Smash, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet, has some words for another deserter, Pablo Paredes:

Pablo is Surprised:
Well, as Red Forman might say: “Pablo, you’re a dumbass!”

You must have known that every time you opened your mouth in public someone was listening, right? Yet you never passed up an opportunity to get your name in print, or talk on the radio, or get your face on TV. And each time you spoke out, you dug that hole a little bit deeper. Didn’t your lawyer warn you about this? Based on what your old shipmates have told me, I’m guessing that he did, but that you thought you knew better than him.

Smash writes a great post here. It is well worth reading. I have no sympathy for Pablo.

The deserter sure are making the news lately.