Assumption of Command

27 March 2005

Specializing in high-speed delivery of semi-precious metals......

Ma deuce Gunner (MDG) is a brand new deployed Milblogger. He rides around in a gun truck, and has control of the king of small arms machine guns, tried, tested and true, The 50 CAL. He describes himself as "Specializing in high-speed delivery of semi-precious metals......" Hooah!

Everything in the military has a nomenclature. My Beretta 9mm Pistol is an M9. The Blackhawk helicopter is a UH60. The basic Humvee is an M998. (the cool up armored ones are the M1114s) And since the 50 Cal is the M2, it has the nickname "Ma Deuce"

It is rumored, Samuel L. Jackson once said this:
The Ma Deuce, When you absolutely, positively have to stop every lightly armored vehicle in sight, accept no substitute!
MDG has a very demanding and dangerous job while on patrol. On the road, it is his job to make sure vehicles do not enter the convoy. We protect ourselves from rolling car bombs by keeping EVERYONE else away, and in a last resort by firing upon them. It is his responsibility to keep his unit safe.

If you look at his site he has a some of wonderful pictures. Some of them are cool and some of them are heart warming. I love the picture of the little girl. He gets to do the things I wish I could be doing. It must be so neat to get to see the local population on a regular basis. This is why we are here, for the little kids of Iraq. I am very jealous.

MDG also has some opinions about the Italian "Journalist" incident. He also provides a link to nice Handy Dandy Guide to not getting shot called: 8 Ways Not to Get Shot by the US Military.

Go take a look at his new site.