Assumption of Command

12 March 2005

Star Wars.

This Post by Timmer on SGT Stryker almost made me spit soda on my laptop. SGT Stryker is talking about the possibility of EIII being rated PG13 and the effects it will have on his son.
So Mr Lucas, damn your once brilliant soul to hell for making EpIII dark enough to possibly be interesting for me, while simultaneously making me an a**hole for taking my 8 year old to a movie too strong for him. Way to pay back 30 freaking years of being a fan.
Read the whole thing. It is really funny.

I am dissapointed that I will not be able to see the movie on the digital big screen with THX sound. I guess I will survive as long as people don't tell me how the story ends. Oh yeah! It ends after they destroy not one but 2 Death Stars.