Assumption of Command

11 March 2005

Support the troops. (only if they agree with you)

ResurrectionSong (via RightWingSparkle)found this article:

Parking Feud
Marines at nearby Marine Corps Reserve Center say on Tuesday morning, the director of security at the UAW told them that while they support the troops, Marines driving foreign vehicles or sporting a President George Bush bumper sticker were no longer welcome to park there.

U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Joe Rutledge told Action News, "We received a phone call from the UAW, who support us by letting us park down at their facility. They called and said they weren't going to allow or they would turn away some vehicles."

I am not the type of blogger that gets upset at every article I read. I normally like to point out positive or funny things, but this really bothers me. I am a reserve soldier. When I have a drill weekend I go from working 5 days at my civilian job directly to my unit Friday night. After that I work all weekend and go back to a 5 day week at my civilian job. This isn't as tough as this deployment, but let me tell you, it is tiresome. The last thing I need is someone telling me I can't park with the rest of the soldiers just because I support my Commander-in-Chief. Many units have college students that have old beat cars. Just because they can't afford to get new Fords or Chevys they are not allowed to park. STUPIDITY!

I don't really like unions to start with, but this takes the cake.

The UAW needs to realize there are sometimes politics should not matter. Taking care of the men and women defending this country is one of them.

Update:Marines Vs UAW Resolved