Assumption of Command

21 March 2005

Thoughts about Mustang Mama. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Now that Mustang Mama knows about the website, I think she forgot what e-mail is for a while. She seems to be leaving random notes, in random places, telling what their weekend plans are. But that is okay. At least she is writing me :) Speaking of which, ever since I mentioned that she messed up "hi Honey" with "hi Boney", her e-mails start with stuff like "Hi Soney" or "Hi Favorite Son". What happened to "Hi Honey"? Your killing me here :)

And now she uses the excuse, "I went out of town this weekend" as a reason for not making any cookies. What is the deal with that? I might have to send my friend RCBEEP and his 2 boys over there to fix this problem! Wait a second, those three might eat all the cookies before they make it over here to me. I better come up with a better idea.

I am getting pretty creative about asking for cookies. First it was just a phone call, then it was an E-mail, now I have a website to bug her about them. But I think the best one was a couple weeks ago. I was talking to my Aunt in the old country on the phone and as we were about to get off the phone she said she was going to talk to Mustang Mama (she really said Mustang Mama) and she asked If I need to tell her anything. You guessed it! I told her to "send more cookies". I am going to have to come up with some better ways pretty soon. And I hope Mustang Mama knows that I am asking for her wonderful cookies for her own good. Seriously, I am looking out for her well being and positively engaged in my deployment, so she can feel like she is doing her part. But don't tell her I told you that :)

If you are wondering, My Mom and I give each other a hard time ALL of the time. And when she reads this she will be laughing her Mustang Mama rear end off.