Assumption of Command

21 March 2005

Tongue in Cheek Day Continues.

Frank J is a Funny man. He writes stuff over at IMAO. But I warn you know. don't take any of his work seriously.

In My World: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged:
"The important thing is to get our judges approved to balance out the crazies," Bush said.

"Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are coming to talk just about that," Cheney told him.

Bush looked to White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. "I want you to stand near the doorway and hit Reid over head with a stick as hard as you can when he enters."

"I dunno about that..."

"Just do it!" Bush commanded Scott.

Scott hid by the doorway and held up a stick ready to strike. When Harry Reid entered, Scott bashed him on the head.
This is good stuff if you need a laugh. Read the entire thing.