Assumption of Command

16 March 2005

A Very Touching Story.

devildog6771 @ Hello Iraq has a very touching personal story.

Friendships and shared tragedies.!!:
My sister's friend's son was sent to Iraq in 2003. He died March 25, 2003 when his tank went over an embankment into the Euphrates river and drowned along with the other tank occupants. He was 31 and her only child.

US NavyAfter 9/11, my sister's son joined the Navay Reserves to be ready in case his country needed him. In January, 2004, his unit was activated for deployment in Kuwait. He died on March 5, 2004 at 32 in Kuwait when 2 Iraqi terrorists rammed his vehicle from behind.
This post is well worth reading.

I want to let devildog6771, an old Marine, know that I am sorry for his and his families loss. But I want to thank him for keeping 2 American Heroes memory alive. For it is Proud Americans, like him and his family, that truly have to bear the brunt of this war.