Assumption of Command

18 March 2005

Washington State Senate defeats bill to help Military Voters.

After all of the problems that has faced the State of Washington and their election process after thier Goofy Governer election.

Gov. Christine Gregoire, Secretary of State Sam Reed, county auditors from around the state and a recently convened elections task force all recommended moving the primary back by at least four weeks. But the measure got caught up in a larger dispute between Democrats and Republicans on other election-system issues.

"The vote tonight is a major setback for military voters," state Elections Director Nick Handy said from the Senate balcony, where he had watched the voting unfold. "One of the main purposes of moving the primary date back was to get the ballots out sooner to military voters."
Politics as usual in Washington. It looks like the Republicans were behind the defeat of this bill. There must be a lot more stuff going on up there than I know about.

Sometimes I just wish legislators, at all levels of government, would divide up issues in to smaller bills so that things that are good for all of society don't get swallowed up by partisan politics. Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen.

(Via Yes, you read that right. Who knew!