Assumption of Command

29 March 2005

We are here for the childern.

Michael @ A Day in Iraq shares an amazing story of a kid he met on guard duty. If you do nothing else today READ THIS!


I must have been busy with these thoughts because seemingly out of nowhere, like angels sent from heaven, two young boys appeared at the gates, beckoning us with their voices.
It was a note from a doctor at another FOB in the area asking if someone would evaluate the boy and give him any treatment they could. He was a 14-year old boy, named Ahmed, with signs of possible liver failure/cirrhosis in his lower extremities.
I wanted to give this kid something, anything that would maybe make him happy. I wish I could’ve given him a ride in the tank. I wish I had the power to get him a ride on a helicopter. I wish I could’ve put him on a plane to the U.S. with the best doctor in the world waiting to greet him as he arrived.
They looked at each other and laughed as they struggled to chew the big wad of gum. I tried to tell them that the bubble gum and peppermint Trident mixture might not be that good, but they didn’t understand and didn’t seem to care.

I don't know what really to say to this great story, except maybe Wow or Hooah! This is going to be a memory that Michael will not soon forget. It is amazing the strength that these kids here have and how much joy they can bring to the American Soldier.

These are the stories that do not get publicized in the media. These are the great things the troopers here are doing on a regular basis. I wish I could share this story and the hundreds like this to all of America to show them what kind of difference we are making.

(Via American in Canada)