Assumption of Command

30 March 2005

"Zac and Class" ask a question.

In my post welcoming Star 102 listeners to Assumption of Command, Mustang Mama Strikes Again!, “Zac and Class” ask the following questions:

How do you feel about being there? Did you go there willingly or would you prefer to be in the USA right now? How do you feel about the fact that the war has fallen in the back ground? send soon.
Well, since they said to “send soon”, I better get right on it. I don’t want them to make me do push-ups! :)

First off, Zac and everybody, thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in what is going on here. I also want to thank you for asking a very good and relevant question.
How do I feel about being here in Iraq? Did you go there willingly?
I am very proud to serve my country. The United States of America is the greatest place in the world. It is truly where Freedom was born. I have never, and will never, take my Freedom for granted. I have had these feelings for my country for a very long time. When I was in High School, applying for a ROTC Scholarship, felt like the right to do. And when the country that I love so much asked me for help, I did not hesitate. I want America to be strong now and for years to come.

Iraq is still a dangerous place, but we are making some serious progress. We are very proud of this progress. It is much safer now than it was this time last year. But we still have a lot of work to do. The main focus of the mission right now is to help the good people of Iraq build their infrastructure, not only their government, but also their police and Army. When the Iraqi Army can defend the country and their police can catch the criminals without our help, we have done our job. And the quicker these things happen the quicker the US Army comes home.

But to answer your question, I am not upset at being here. There are bad days and there are good days and yes I miss my family and friends. I miss home and not having to walk 100 feet to the bathroom. But all in all I am proud of our mission and the results so far. I think it will be neat, years from now, to tell people I was in Iraq for their elections, I was part of Iraq’s great history.

or would you prefer to be in the USA right now?

Did the Fish say to the Fisherman, “you know what, I really don’t want to go back in the water, I just want to stay in the boat!” I would love to be back home eating Fried Chicken at Stroud’s and have Gates Barbeque and getting ready for our Royals Opening Day Tailgate party, (LIMA TIME BABY!) but I also want to do the job I have been asked to do. Until then I will stay here.

How do you feel about the fact that the war has fallen in the back ground?

There are a couple ways to take answer this question. First, America might be getting used to being at war, I don’t know if that is completely true. Or you could think that since most of the media attention that comes from the war is negative, maybe that means things are getting better. I know things are getting better. Truthfully, I won’t do my job here any differently if we are in the background or the foreground.

What I do know is that we have great support back home from the all over the country and that is what really means a lot to us here in the “Sandbox”. Having people we don’t even know asking us questions, like this, shows us that people do care about us here and that is more important than any attention the media gives us.

Thank You!

If anybody else has any questions I will be glad to answer them. You can leave a comment or E-mail me. My E-mail address is in the upper right of the page under the No Camels picture. Just remove the spaces.