Assumption of Command

19 April 2005

The Big Day on...

3rd row: Lia, Kaylee, Mattie, JoMarie, Carson, Lauryn, Zac, Ms. R
2nd row: Jaycee, Adam, Val
1st row: Jackie, Anthony, Carlos

This is Ms. R's Class They decided to introduce themselves to me. How cool is this. They also sent me the answers to the questions I asked them a while back. Its nice to be on the other end of the stick. Let’s see what they have to say:

Since this is a Social Studies Class and your teacher says its advanced, Who is your Favorite President of all time and Why?

I would have to answer Harry S Truman, for a bunch of reasons. He is from Missouri, He wasn't afraid of making a big tough decision, He was a WWI veteran, and He taught the world what it means to be from the "Show-Me State". After he dropped the first bomb, the Japanese said "We don't think you have another one, 'Show-me'." So he did! That decision saved more lives than it cost and ended the war.

This is Ms. R's class said
The majority of our class chose Abraham Lincoln as their favorite president. Others liked Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington. Mattie's favorite is Calvin Coolage because her grandma dated him.
Well Mattie, if you have to have a reason to like somebody, that is as good as any. :)

How many of you are going to get the new Harry Potter book when it comes out?
6 people in our class will get the new Harry Potter book when it comes out, but 7 of us won't get it. Are you going to buy it?
Yes I am, but since they don't have a Border's here on this FOB or anywhere in Iraq for that mattter, I will have to either get it on the Internet or have somebody send it to me in the Mail. Either way I won't get it for a couple weeks after it comes out. Nobody better tell me what happens!

Is Worlds of Fun open yet? What is your Favorite ride?
Worlds of Fun is opening tomorrow and Lauryn and Jackie are going. Our favorite rides are: the Boomerang, the Bamoozler, the Thunder Hawk, Fury of the Nile, Finish Fling. and the Mamba!
Worlds of Fun is opening tomorrow and Lauryn and Jackie are going. Our favorite rides are: the Boomerang, the Bamoozler, the Thunder Hawk, Fury of the Nile, Finish Fling. and the Mamba!Lauryn, Jackie, Did you have a good time? What new stuff do they have? Going to Worlds of Fun is always cool. My favorite ride is the Mamba. I like big and fast Roller Coasters. My favorite Coaster of all time is the Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

That takes care of these questions. Here is another picture they sent.

D-R-O-P And G-I-V-E Me 20!
3rd row: Lia, Kaylee, Mattie, JoMarie
2nd row: Jaycee, Adam, Val, Carson, Lauryn
1st row: Jackie, Anthony, Carlos, Zac

What the What! Hey! Wait a second here! I am the one who is supposed to making people do push ups here. Who do you guys think you are! :)

Mattie (Valerie and Zac) are up next!

Update: Lauryn and Jackie Sent an update.(Wow That was Quick)
Review of Worlds Of Fun:

Okay, well Worlds of Fun was alright. There is nothing new this year but it was fun to be there on opening day. We rode ALL the rides and got soaking wet, it was freezing cold. Also we rode the Mamba about 20 times. The only bad part about Worlds of Fun is paying for the EXPENSIVE food. But over all it was a great experience.
How in the world do you go and ride all the water rides on the first weekend. And they call Soldiers brave. Good Grief! Yes the Food is expensive. The New stuff hasn't opened yet.

They also tell me why they chose the other presidents, before I made them do push-ups for forgetting. :)
Since we didn't really tell you why we chose our favorite presidents, we decided to give this a second try. First of all we like Abraham Lincoln because he abolished slavery during the Civil War. Also we like Teddy Roosevelt because the Teddy bear was named after him. Last, we like George Washington because he won the Revolutionary War and he is considered the father of our country.

I wasn't really going to argue with any of those selections. How can you argue with presidents on Mt. Rushmore. Theodore Roosevelt did a little bit more than just get a stuffed animal named after him. (Although that is important) :)

By request, they also send the names to match the faces. I have added them under the photos.

Thanks for the update!