Assumption of Command

10 April 2005

CBS Terrorist Cameraman

Keith, a Brit (that's why he is called a Crumpet Muncher) who runs Sortapundit, explains the CBS Cameraman fiasco better than I can:

If You Lay Down With Dogs...
A few years ago I was taking the bus home from a lecture in Manchester when I was approached by a guy who wanted to sell me a Minidisc player. It was a decent model, and back then this was the height of technology. He told me it was mine for 25 quid. I asked him if it was stolen, to which he replied 'does it matter?'. Naturally my answer went along the lines of 'I will have no part in this. I bid you good day, sir'.

I think I'm right in thinking that you wouldn't buy a Minidisc player if you knew it was stolen. You definitely wouldn't buy it if you knew the owner was beaten up during the theft. Imagine what kind of person you would be if you bought it when you knew the owner was killed during the theft?"

I really can't say how much I despise so called journalists being paid because they know when terrorist attacks against schools and civilians are going to take place.

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At least CBS didn't forge anything this time.

Thanks Keith, I wanted to put something on my site about this but I was having trouble figuring out what to say, you hit it right on the head.