Assumption of Command

12 April 2005

The Cookies are here!

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Mustang Mama's package got Here. Remember how I said My First Sergeant has been asking for my Mom for cookies also. Check out the note.

(Note for Mustang Mama: See the book!)

These are the best cookies in the world. they are so good they feel like they melt in your mouth. they are so good that some of them don't make the entire journey in one piece. That is okay we eat them anyway.

My home front spy, Dr. Dave, reports that there are more cookies on the way. He know this because he had to drop some more 24 season 4 episodes off at my parents so they can be put on a DVD and sent over here. Dr. Dave says he made sure to show up hungry hoping to induce Mustang Mama into giving him some cookies.

I told you they were popular. :) The Problem is those cookies were supposed to be for me. So Mustang Mama writes:
Dave was over here last night and took some of your cookies and peanut brittle. You can pick a bone with him. He took some of the cookies that could have been sent to you. You can take them out of the 1st Sergeant’s share.
Top Isn't to thrilled about that, he said "Well, Thanks Mom" :)

These cookies won't last very long. Once word gets out people will start showing up to get a couple.

Actually I am so Happy about getting cookies I think I am going to dance. It is one of my favorite dances of all time. It goes like this:

Truffle Shuffle!

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Okay that isn't me. I am not that short or that Jiggily! :)

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