Assumption of Command

26 April 2005

Friends like these... Part 1.

If you haven't noticed, the comments to one of the "Ask Mustang 23!" segments has devolved into a let's warn Mustang 23's Girl (that they haven't met) of all the goofy, silly, insane, or just plain dumb thing that I have done. (that they know about) Before anybody starts wondering, I am laughing about this whole situation. I find it pretty easy to laugh at my self. There is just so much good material there. It is just too easy :)

RCBeep starts the whole thing off. RCBeep is a coworker of mine back home. He has also been my spade partner for all of that time. So giving each other a hard time is very normal. he say this:
Oh, please. I have met Mustang 23! I consider him a friend but there are some precautions:
1) do not start a land war in Asia
2) do not challenge a Sicilian when death is on the line
3) do not feed him after midnight
4) if you failed number 3, do not get him wet.
5) do not let him brings friends like me when food is involved. Life lesson: do not cut in front of a fat man in a buffet line
6) do not let him fall asleep. The snoring will break your decibel gauge.
7) if you fail at #6, tape two yardsticks together and prod him from around a corner if possible
8.) do not let him near fire, he is a closet pyro
9) do not throw things at him after a chili dinner
10) do not play cards, he makes up rules only to end up punishing himself and his partner
First of all, RCBeep is already married. Therefore I can't warn her off. She is stuck with him. Poor girl. :)

1-4. RCBeep is having Movie Fun. If I was to compare RCBeep to a movie Character, it would be from the Adam Sandler Movie "The Wedding Singer". He would be the bad Wedding singer played by Jon Lovitz. "He's losing his mind. And I'm reaping the benefits." RCBeep isn't that big or that annoying but it is a good comparison :)

5. RCbeep is making fun of himself. He is the one who utter those immortal words at a pot luck at work when the line was moving slow. So that is a warning about my friend not me. I am not the only one who makes fun of myself.

6. I really can't prove that I snore, I usually stop snoring before I wake up. I do know that I was in a hotel room with RCbeep, Walking Eagle, and Beef. Before you start to wonder, we went to Cincinnati to see the Chiefs play. It was the game when the Chiefs were 9-0 and lost to the stupid Bengals. In the middle of the night I woke of to what sounded like a diesel engine and all 3 of them were sawing some serious logs.

Mustang Mama added:
I agree with #6 RCBeep. HE is so loud especially if you are sleeping in a tent next to his.
Thanks mom, you are no help! :)

7. This is probably a good idea :)

8. Closet pyro would mean I am trying to hide the fact I like fires. I don't hide it. Camp fires are fun, especially with Coleman fluid!

9. I don't know why, but when ever the crew back home gets together, people start throwing things at each other. I think Dr. Dave is still trying to finding chips after poker night. One night after some good food, once again things were getting thrown around and someone decided to take a point blank shot at me with a 2 inch mini nerf football. At that late in the evening the pressure was building up and at the exact moment I was assaulted by the mini nerf, the pressure released. Not only did it release, it shook the foundations of the house. Dr. Dave had to bring in a structural engineer to verify the house was still safe to live if.

10. I originally responded with: "It is hard to deny any of these allegations except for number 10. yes sometime I do make up new rules but they are for good reason. But I think RCBeep is getting to old to remember that it was me carrying him in spades."

I thought everybody knew about the warning rule in spades. Don’t forget about the No blinds – No Nines Rule.

Update: Part two, is here!.