Assumption of Command

27 April 2005

Friends like these... Part 2.

Read Part one First.

At the urging of RCBeep, Dr Dave (or Just Dave) piles on because while being roommates you can learn weird things about a person.

Dave says:
You people and your demands! Make a list about Mustang. Send Trogdor over to my house. Put on a purple thing and dance around. Well, I've had it!

No, wait. Come to think of it, I'd like to add a baker's dozen worth of items to RCBEEP's list:

1) Unless you have a death wish, don't even think about ending the National Anthem with anything other than "Home of the Brave."
2) Don't ask how construction on the newest roller coaster at Cedar Point is going unless you're willing to sit through a thirty minute presentation on its progress, complete with construction photos, artist's renderings, and CGI video.
3) If allowing Mustang to keep score during a card game, check his math.
4) If he offers to let you borrow "a really funny early Adam Sandler movie, featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Milton Berle, and the guy who played Paulie in the 'Rocky' movies!" ... by all means, take him up on the offer!
5) If he offers you any other object, beware, for it carries a terrible curse!
(But it comes with a free frogurt - that's good!)
(The frogurt is also cursed - that's bad!)
(But you get your choice of toppings - that's good!)
(The toppings contain potassium benzoate - that's bad. Hey, come back!)
6)Cotton candy vendors are best off keeping their distance from Mustang, as they make better doors than windows.
7) ... as do city buses.
8.) If security is being called to Guest Services at Kauffman Stadium, it's a good bet that Mustang can be found at Guest Services.
9) He wants doughnuts.
10) "Run to the hills! Run for your life!"
11) If you want to see him get defensive, ask him when he was last knocked out by a ten year old.
12) Don't tell him anything you wouldn't want to see broadcast in a mass e-mail!
13) Five words: "Hey Fatso, gimme some pretzels!"

FCC@V, consider yourself warned ...
First off, if you don't know about the website you are missing out. It is a Flash animated Web Cartoon. It is really funny. Don't miss the Welcome Speech. On this website one of the characters, Strong Bad, answers questions e-mailed to him. (Sound familiar) and my favorite one is the Dave is quoting. Sibbie. Make sure to click on the words "purple thing". Anyhow that was just something funny for me. I guess you had to be there.

Now on to the piling on:

1. I don't know why or how it started but at KC Chiefs games, during the National Anthem, 70,000 people finish the song with Home of the "Chiefs". It is impressive to hear that many people yell the word chiefs at the same time, I find it disgusting to desecrate the Nation Anthem that way. I really wish the Chiefs would start playing "God Bless America" or "America the Beautiful" to keep this from happening. It really bothers me.

One time Dave and I went to a Royals game, we were running late, and by the time we got in the parking lot, they were playing the National Anthem. So we took of our hats and stood by the car while it played. A few cars down, someone who thought he was "clever dan" decided to sing "Home of the Chiefs." I was having a very bad day at the time, therefore my tolerance level was really low. after he got done, I immediately let loose with a very loud: “IT’S HOME OF THE BRAVE, A**H&^E!” Hilarity ensued!

2. That one is probably a good warning. I really don't have much to say about it right now because Cedar Point didn't build a new roller coaster this year. But there is a new one in NJ. Kinda Ka

3. My math is always good; it has never failed to help me win a game yet!

4. OH Man, that is one great Movie. Hey who still has that one.

5. Simple explanation: 2 singles guys, 1 refrigerator.

6-8. When a the Cotton Candy Guy cusses me out in front of my friends, because I politely asked them to move so I can see the game, I don't tend to like very much. Busses blocking ceremonies is a bad thing too. This leads to why I was in the Guest services in the first place. BTW: don't ever tell me that your terrible prior planning is "Just my Dumb Luck" That might really make me angry!

9. Doesn't everybody?

10. Iron Maiden doesn't need an explanation.

11. He was 12 and I didn't see him coming :)

12. Dave, So how is your Girlfriend doing? Do I need to warn her about anything :)

13. RCbeep's, youngest boy, A3, said this to me the first time I met him. I then made it my life's quest to scare the crap out of him on the Biggest Roller Coaster at World's of Fun. Since that didn't take very long, I am looking for a new life's quest.

I hope this helps!