Assumption of Command

20 April 2005

Greyhawk Takes Exception

Blackfive posts a link to a CS Monitor article about Soldier Blogs. After reading I was thinking the exact same thing as Greyhawk:

Quick Question:

If you were going to write a newspaper article about blogs from soldiers in Iraq, don't you think it would be a good idea to mention one such blog in your article? I mean, just one? Brad Knickerbocker didn't.
If you really want your readers to know what is being written here in the sandbox, wouldn't you at least point out a few sites that might be of interest? Maybe Mr. Knickerbocker just didn't want to do the research or maybe he doesn't want anybody reading real soldier blogs. Greyhawk continues:

Brad neglected to tell us the site his unnamed "young wife of a Marine in Iraq" was reading - could it be because it was the one linked above? And is he trying to imply the source of the "capture and execution of 15 American troops" quote was a military blog? (For the record: my guess is the answer is "yes")
We really do not know what the intention of this article is.

I do know why I keep a blog:

- It is a cheap (ahem free) hobby. The time here can go very slowly. This is something I can do to pass a little of the free time that I have. Instead of just mopping around this deployment, I am putting my time into something fun and possibly useful. (the useful part is up for debate) It is also nice to have something that takes my mind from things around the office as well.

- It helps me keep up with my Family and Friends: It very difficult to maintain contact with everybody back home. My website now is a place where everyone can come and catch up a little on what's going on with me here. And they can drop comments or dimes in many cases, for me or others.

- It is helping my ability to write: I am in nature a techie. My civilian job back home has very little to do with the written English language

- It is just plain fun.

- I can also let people know of my feelings on different subjects.

- I get to answer questions: "Ask Mustang 23!"

Greyhawk also has a nice list of deployed bloggers. (Thanks!)

But if you want a more complete list look here.