Assumption of Command

11 April 2005

I am not the only one.

If you haven't taken notice, (it would be very unlikely, but I will humor you) Kevin O'mera, with faithful sidekick IRR Soldier, has written a couple posts on his site, The Command TOC, about my posts. He has tried to lay a little smack down. And In my way, the only way I know how, have had fun with it.

Here is a quick round up of what has gone on to date:

1. I wrote a post about the American deserter that went to Canada: Canada did Something right

2. Kevin calls me names: Another Asinine Army Officer

3. I respond by saying that If he doesn't like me I must be doing something right: People who don't like me!

4. Later I write a post about Vietnam: Iraq comparison with Tet

5. Kevin thinks I am off my rocker because in the 60's there is no way only 3 TV networks could have that much control: The Media Caused North Vietnam to Win?

6. Irr Soldier, in comments to my post, calls me a Republican Hack presenting the facts:

7. In the same comments as #6 above, IRR Soldier doesn't respond to me when I replied that these were the facts taught by my Democrat College Professor. Silence is Golden.

8. In the same comments as #6 above, I, thinking Kevin is off his rocker for not know how much power the big 3 TV networks had in the 60's and 70's, say his argument will leave egg on his face. And I provided a link that gives you a chance to do just that: Net Disaster (BTW: that is still fun)

9. In the same comments as #6 above, With no other topical argument left, Kevin doubts my work ethic.

10. Sigh! Kevin, doubt my opinions all you want. I don't have a problem with that. I like differing opinions. I value them as an important part of our society.


Toni, author of View from Tonka and regular reader and commenter here, points to another active duty Milblogger that has been recieving some of the same treatment from Kevin and IRR.
Jack Army (who I added to my blogroll) has a round up of his run in:

Warning: Kevin O'Meara = sneaky guy:
I'm not going to the point of banning Mr. O'Meara and deleting his comments, but I will no longer be goaded into a discussion with a blatant liar and I advise you to avoid it as well.
Oh My. If you read through it all, you will find that IRR Soldier questions Jack Army's Integrity and soldiering ability as well. Sigh Again! These guys just don't know Jack (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Jack you would always be welcome in my unit.