Assumption of Command

24 April 2005

I was just testing you.

There is an old saying in the Army: "Don't confuse your rank, with my authority." It is a very true saying. I had a perfect example of that happen to me today.

At the Dinning Facility (DFAC) everyone is required clear their weapons. Clearing your weapons is a process of making sure there are no live rounds in your weapon. For safety purposes, we don't want random bullets flying around the DFAC. That would make bad day if you were on the catching side of one.

Today, I am not feeling too swift. I am not feeling bad, just not feeling good either. I might be coming down with something. So as I was walking up to the DFAC I really wasn't paying attention and attempted to walk right past the security check point. I was stopped by a female Private, (E-2) that looked 16 years old, and told to clear my weapon before she would allow me to enter.

Being the smooth, suave, confident Captain that I am, I did what any other officer would do. I said, "good, I was just testing you." actually I wish I would have said that. I really just said "Whoops!" :) and went to clear my weapon. She tried to apologize. I told her there was no need, because she was doing her job and that is what is expected of her. I guess she was afraid that the big bad Captain was going to be upset. On the contrary, I was proud to see her doing her job as she had been instructed. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Good Job, Private.

Update: There is a very bad joke in the trackback. basil left the door to his blog unlocked this weekend and Phin (who snuck in) decided to be funny. :)