Assumption of Command

13 April 2005

Iraqi Blogger

I was looking in my referrer log the other day and I found an interesting site. It is called Neurotic Iraqi Wife. Apparently she thinks enough of AoC to put me in her blog roll. That's cool.

It just amazes me how people from all over the world can come together in one place. She has a couple neat posts. I really like this one about how she has "viewed" the war in her home country:

Alive In BAGHDAD.....
Iraq, the cradle of civilization. Who are YOU, to determine its future??? Yes things arent great, sure, how can it be??? Its not magic!!! A country that was abused, mentally, physically for 3 decades by a bloodless regime, wont be able to regain its strength in 2 years with a wand!!! Its not gonna change because of the forces there. It will change when the Iraqi people allow it to. The change will come from within. The change will come when Iraqis UNITE. Thats when the real change will happen. When there wont be these are Sunni's, Shia's,Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans. There will only be these are IRAQIS.....

WOW. The whole thing is great. She also has describes her dream for the future.

Go read it. That is an Order! :)