Assumption of Command

28 April 2005

MDG has a couple of great posts

MDG has been doing a lot of good work in the field and in his blog lately. But being the nice guy that he is he allowed one of the medics in his unit the opportunity to use his site to say some really nice things about one of the Iraqi citizens that she has met a few times. It is a really neat post.

Old Lady Time (a guest post):
My name is PFC Christy and I am a medic in the Scout Platoon. I have been in Iraq for some months. In the amount of time I have been here, I have come across some extrordinary people. I know you all have heard about some of the guys that work with us directly and the tremendous amount of efforts and help they have been. I know you have also heard of some of the heroic stories about the Iraqi Army and Police as well, doing what they can to make their city of Kirkuk a better place. Well, there is one woman's story that I felt was the most deserved of praise and recognition.
MDG also had the oportunity to talk to a Iraqi interpreter, named "Steve", that he has been working with:

The Straight Word....Straight from an Iraqi Citizen (PART 1)
"We cried when we saw the voting. My mother cried tears of joy when we saw the voting. We were so happy that the American forces were here to let us vote. We saw the soldiers and the helicopters keeping us safe. We were so grateful for the Coalition Forces."