Assumption of Command

17 April 2005

Not an up beat day

There is a disease here in Iraq. It comes and goes. All service members get it from time to time. There is no immunity to it. It can be terribly distracting. It is called "I want to go home-itis" (that one is straight from the Mustang 23ese Dictionary)

This effects everyone, but as a leader of soldiers I shouldn't let it effect my work or my attitude. Do you know how incredibly difficult that is. I am one of those people that doesn't hide feelings very well. Everybody knows when I am having a bad day. Most of the time they know it before I do.

But there is good news. In the past few days, we went over our 6 month boot on the ground date. What is nice is that we are stating to get contact with the unit replacing us. Knowing people are planning to take my place is a comforting thought. But it is not making the "I want to go home-itis" go away today.

Maybe tomorrow

Update: Tomorrow is here. Thanks to FCC@V, things are starting to get better.