Assumption of Command

10 April 2005

Quick Notes

My Sister sent me this cool dude named "hero" from Build a Bear:

Image Hosted by

I also got a cool dart board. Thanks KCNK!


Royals fans should like this. It makes fun of Chicago White Sox fans : North vs South


Former Cy Young award winning pitcher with the Oakland A's, Barry Zito, has a cool way to support the troops. How could I pass this up. It has both support the troops and baseball combined :) : Strikeouts for troops


Dr. Dave Reports my Favorite Hometown Fried Chicken restaurant (Not Get-Yo Chicken) Stroud's has a good deal for returning troops: "STROUD'S SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS Men and Women returning from Overseas dine on us. Thanks for keeping us safe!"

Cool! Can I make a reservation now? :)


And if Anybody cares:

  • Jose Lima is not pitching like Lima time, It is more like Lima slime, but he will get better
  • Professional Bowling is on AFN right Now instead of the Master's?
  • Inventories make me grumpy
  • I missed the Famous Mongolian Nights at the Chow hall last night :(
  • I did 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer yesterday
  • right out side of today's Church Service at the MWR facility, one of the TVs was showing Boogey Nights.
  • Marking Fragile on a box mailed over here does no good. (but my stuff was fine anyhow)
  • Tax day is soon!
  • The phones here are still terrible, but that might change soon
  • Still no Cookies From Mustang Mama. Top is getting impatient
  • Kevin Still doesn't like me (But that is okay, check out these comments)
  • Sinus pills taken too late in the day will keep you awake
  • I am almost done with Cussler's Pacific Vortex and I will be moving on to Sahara. Yes I have that one here. I don't understand how a guy who writes Underwater adventures has a book called Sahara. I bet I will figure that out when I read it :)
  • I need more Skittles, Starburst, and Chewies (not Dave's old dog or Wookies)
  • I think that is enough for now
  • Maybe,
  • No,
  • wait,
  • The Jar Jar figurine, that Mustang Sarge, sent me ended its tragic life on my new dart board my sister sent me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That is all. (I hope)

Update: The Masters is on Now! :) But there is now way I am staying up for the finish :(