Assumption of Command

30 April 2005

Something that bothers me.

Every time I hear people bash the war or bash the military. The same comments come up. They always make remarks about Abu Ghraib. Granted, the things that went on there were unbecoming of the military and I support criminal actions against the offenders. Don't get me wrong I am not supporting what went on there, but I don't think everybody knows the facts of the situation.

One of the biggest things I like to point out is this. The military started the investigation (as ordered by the Secretary of Defense) long before any of this mess made it into the media. The Higher ups knew that there was bad stuff going on over there and wanted to get it resolved. They did not need the media to figure that out. I also do not fault the media for reporting it.

What I do fault, is people who think that is what is going on everywhere over here. Abu Ghraib was a very isolated offense. There are so many honorable Soldiers here. To paint all of us with the Abu Ghraib brush is not right. The good and honorable soldiers here despise what was done to those detainees. The actions of the few places a taint on all of us. In this case the bad apple does not ruin the bunch.

Earlier in the year Greyhawk posted a quiz about the facts of Abu Ghraib. It is very interesting. He has reposted it now for good reason:

Torture Test:
If you're looking for further discussion on that political topic move on. The remainder of this post is not for you. But you will miss a chance to look a little deeper into the ugly mirror that is Abu Ghraib, perhaps to clear a bit of fog from it's surface, and discover if you know all you think you do on that topic.

Take this simple 10 question quiz. The answers follow (no fair peeking). There are no trick questions, and no opinion questions. Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts. But perhaps not those you'll find on the editorial pages of your local paper.
If you think you know all the facts go see if you are right. If you don't know the facts go find out.

Go now or I will make you do Push-ups! :)

Update: Greyhawk responds to Kevin's comments to this post