Assumption of Command

10 April 2005

Very Sad News*

I have just come across some very sad news. This news hits me very hard. I am very distraught and I don't know if I will ever be able to recover. I am still struggling to find the words to write at this time of grief. This story is being reported by the NY Post:

SO it's come to this: The Cookie Monster's cutting back. On cookies.

The furry blue carb-cruncher of "Sesame Street" fame can now be seen on the show's Web site, waving ... a big green apple.

He's even changed his tune. Cookies - which used to be his only thing - are now "a sometime thing," thanks to the folks at Sesame Street Workshop, which kicked off the PBS show's 36th season on a health note.
What in the world is going on. I can't believe it. What now? "C is for Cauliflower" just doesn't sing.

It goes on:
"[But] when you look at the statistics coming out over the past five years, we're in a health crisis," she continues. "The incidence of preschoolers being overweight has been rising, with severe health consequences . . .

"We're not saying never eat cookies, because that's not realistic. But we're trying to make the distinction between foods you can eat all the time, and other foods you can eat sometimes."
This almost makes me want to cry.

The Story ends with a interview:
We weren't sure, so we asked Cookie Monster himself.

Post: What's your favorite cookie?

Cookie: Me never met a cookie me don't like.

Post: Why the big change?

Cookie: Me always eat healthy food, but cookie always at top of food pyramid for me. Sometimes me eat whole pyramid. Ha ha ha.
Let's all hove a moment of silence for the Cookie Monster.

*Tongue in Cheek