Assumption of Command

15 May 2005

Beer Blogging

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I have heard from a few of my troops that not all of their family members realize that there is no drinking allowed here in Iraq. On guy told me that his grandfather (and war vet) said that he must be having a great time with the guys at the end of the day at the bar. Sadly he had to break the news about no drinking here.

I totally understand the policy. The last thing we want to happen, is to have our troops impaired when the bad guys try to come over the wire at us. But every now and then it would be nice to have a beer with my burger. But when I do get home that first beer is going to have me bouncing off the walls.

The Dinning facility usually has some kind of Non-Alcoholic beer. Most of the stuff is bad. Really bad! But just recently they go these in, O'Doul's Amber. This stuff is really good. It actually tasted like regular good beer. Not like Natural light with an added after taste. Most N/A beer has just a rotten aftertaste. Not this stuff. It is smooth.

Beside the beer is my favorite Barbeque sauce. Not only is it my favorite, it tastes good too. This is Gates sauce. It is zesty, fairly think sauce. Not as thick as KC MasterCrap, but much thinker than Texas style. The only thing KC MasterCrap is good for is using it in bulk with you cocktail weenies at a super bowl party, or maybe for your chicken nuggets. I wouldn't put that stuff on real barbeque unless you are planning on insulting someone.

In the Background you can see more of Mustang Mama’s cookies. This time she sent me Chocolate Chip. They are pretty good. Not as good as the Sugar cookies, but as Chocolate chip goes they are great. Trust me I am not complaining. I don’t complain about cookies. With the cookie I got these really good toasted cheerios. Two different kinds even, Garlic Butter and Cinnamon Sugar. The Garlic Butter are really good, I haven’t tried the Cinnamon Sugar yet. I bet they are good too.

I also got this cute card from FCC@V. It is nice to get mail.