Assumption of Command

08 May 2005

Blog Nashville

So there I was. I just finished up my work for the day and I sat back in my chair to relax. I decided to see what has been going on in the Milblog world at the time. I open up The Mudville Gazette and I see a message that says. Join us NOW for the Milblog session at the Blogging Convention in Nashville.

What the Heck. I click on the link: Join here now

There were a bunch of cool people in the chat room: Greyhawk, Brogonzo, Blackfive , Barcepundit, Buzz Patterson, JarHeadDad, CDR Salamander.

At the convention I got to hear and see (I snuck a little video past the bandwidth brigade) some other neat people: Robin, Don, Bill, Tim, and USMC Vet. I also understand Andi was there too.

Robin led the discussion. She really knows her stuff. I was impressed.

Along with the discussion by the people who were in attendance we got to hear from people remotely through the chat room with the Video and Audio feed.

I managed to break Blackfive's concentration by asking him, through the chat, to tell his Miller Lite Story. :)

As the session was going on I scramble around the office here and found one of those headphones and microphone combos and hooked it up. It worked. I got a chance to speak there. The Internet lag was bad, which caused a bad echo. (Ask Brogonzo) I managed to fight off the echo, by taking off the headphones while I was speaking. I let them know some of the reasons I blog. That was pretty neat.

Overall, I had fun and it was nice to meet everyone. Check out their sites to see what they have to say about BlogNashville.

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