Assumption of Command

03 May 2005

Blogging Tips

As you know, I a fairly new to the world of blogging. So I have been reading and paying attention to experienced bloggers when they put out tips on being a better blogger.

Here is some of the things I have found:

The Mudville Gazette has Ten really good tips for beginers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blogging

Harvey at Bad Example has his 12 steps to better blogging

basil is on part six of his series Learning to Blog based on some of Harvey's work: Learning to Blog VI: Google Search Code

Ambra Nykol is also on part six of her series "How To Blog Like a Rockstar"

Phin (BTW he has a new address) and Confederate Yankee have established a site just for new bloggers: Blog Netiquette

All of these resources are good. They have made me a better blogger.