Assumption of Command

18 May 2005

Boxes of cool stuff

Just yesterday we were talking about all the nice things people back home do for us with Karen's Neat Story. Today this:

Wednesday is one of our regular mail days here. Mail day is a always a good day. But today was one of the better days in a while. The best days are in the holiday season. Today we got a fairly big truck full of mail. As we were sorting it, we noticed one of the Lieutenants got a bunch of big boxes. We always know who gets the mother lode. :) When the LT came to pick up his stuff, It doesn't take long for him to get the word, it was maybe 5 minutes, First Sergeant started giving him a hard time about all the mail. That is also typical. Lo and behold, LT, looks at the boxes and finds out they are from a shriner back home and that he collected up a whole bunch of stuff for his unit.

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That word got out quicker. It even brought me out of my office to see what kind of cools stuff there was to get. There was all kind of candy bars, Microwave popcorn, ziplock baggies, personal hygiene stuff, Ramen Noodles, Tic Tacs, letter writing supplies, hand fans, Mixed nuts (my unit is full of them) playing cards, and various other cool stuff.

A couple other things of note, as well: We got JP's Favorite Beef Jerky. I don't care what JP says Beef Jerky and Slim Jims are good stuff. I just went and checked, it seems like my troops don't agree with JP either because it is all gone, stashed away. (And not just by me)

We also got a large stack of Frisbees. We know exactly what to do with these. We are going to put these in our trucks so when we go outside the wire. (it does happen from time to time) When we are out there we are going to give them to the Iraqi kids. We know they would rather have a soccer ball, but they do like to play just about anything. Frisbees seem to be popular. That is fine with me as long as they don't make like the 70s and grow white man afros and wear super tight shorts while wearing rollerskates.

Thanks to everyone whos sends cool stuff in the mail to soldiers you don't even know. It makes our days that much better and our deployment that much shorter.