Assumption of Command

06 May 2005

Cabin Fever

Harvey, over at Bad Example, has this cool thingamabob (that's the technical term, it even spell checks) on his left sidebar that lets you search Webster Dictionary for stuff. So I put in "Cabin Fever":
Main Entry: cabin fever
Function: noun
: extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time
Well that sort of describes my life. Right now I feel like I am just stuck here. Nothing really changes around here. Everyday is just like the last one. My scenery doesn't change.

I am the kind of guy that doesn't do well when told to sit still. Back home, I do enjoy relaxing at the house for a while, but I can't do it day after night after day after night. I usually go and do things outside of the house, weather it be going to a restaurant, my bowling league, a movie or a Royals game, a float trip. I usually try to stay busy. But around here you can run out of things to do pretty quickly. There is just so long you can go the chow hall, gym and MWR facilities before you realize there isn't a lot of stuff to do. That is part of the reason I started to write this blog. But it still doesn't help get me out of the office our out to a nice restaurant.

Here is a typical day in my life:
  • wake up to first alarm.
  • ignore and go back to sleep
  • wake up to second alarm
  • sit up (Sometimes I wait for the third alarm)
  • do the hygiene routine
  • go to the office
  • go to meetings (add coffee or Mountain Dew)
  • email friends and family
  • some days I get to IM with FCC@V (This always helps)
  • check on the blog and add a post or two
  • work
  • go to the gym (3 or 4 days a week)
  • go home
  • read a book for about an hour
  • go to bed
Getting Cabin Fever is nothing new to me. I usually get it every winter. The big difference is having the ability to get out and do something. I can't exactly hop in my car and go to the stadium for a ball game. I just don't have the freedom that I enjoy back home. This is going to sound deranged, but I think I miss rush hour. UGH! It sure would be nice to be able to drive down to the Niangua River right now. Now that is fun.

going back to the definition:
  • irritability: check
  • restlessness: check
  • living in isolation: check
  • confined indoor area: check
  • for a prolonged time: I think the clock is slow
(random note: AFN Radio is playing the Backstreet Boys!?!?!)

Being stuck on this FOB is just not how I live my life and it starts to wear on me. But I am doing my job. This is where my job is. And even though I am doing it from an office instead of a Humvee or a tank, I am doing my part. I do take satisfaction from that.

Update: DadManly speaks up: FOB Ground Hog