Assumption of Command

08 May 2005

Doonsberry does Milblogging

DadManly has written about Saturday's Doonsberry. He does a good job of discussing this issue of equipping soldiers with the best gear. For the most part, yes we do have the best personal gear around. But the the Doonsberry strip for Saturday talks about the vehicle Armor situation.

I don't really feel comfortable discussing it. I drove up from Kuwait in what is nicknamed "Hillbilly Armor", but is officially called Level 3 armor. A bunch of guys and gals from our unit spent 10 days working their tail off to install steel plating to our trucks. I am glad we have some civilian welders in my unit. We left Kuwait only a day or so before the whole Secretary Rumsfeld flap about armor. So that being said, I will refrain from discussing armor on MY vehicles anymore.

Back to Doonsberry, I looked at the Friday Strip.

This one bothers me. GB is really trying to portray troops as low IQ guys. "No Bang-Bang" Come on. That is really a disgraceful depiction of our troops. I know for a fact guys like MDG and Michael are very articulate and descriptive in their writing. (Better than me) And if anybody has ever visited Thunder 6's site they will see some one with a pure skill for evoking thought and vision through a very classical and intelligent style that I would never be able to write in. He is truly a gifted writer and could probably write about basket weaving and I would still be interested. I am very impressed with these guys.

The only thing I agree with in the strip is the first half of the Second pane. Yes we do appreciate what everyone back home is doing. It does mean the world to us to know that not only our families and friends are supporting us through our time away, but also people we don't know. Some days are just tough, but when you receive a letter from a 2nd grader, from a state you have never even been to, saying how much they thank us, it lifts your spirits.

But the rest of the piece, Garbage! We know that the support from home is not waning. Just ask any trooper that has been greeted by the Maine Troop Greeters. We know people support us. We know that the support is not going anywhere. We still get boxes by the dozen from AnySoldier.Com. GB is just plain wrong.

We are not bitter at the lack of support; we are over whelmed by it! We ARE bitter at people who only want to see us fail.

We don't have a problem when the media displays bad things here in Iraq, they need to do that. We ARE bitter when the Media blatantly ignores the Amazing and wonderful things going on over here. They are after ratings not news.

As for the last panel, Just lame! Nothing but lame. Not funny at all. I haven't read Doonsberry for years. Keep up with this and it will be many more years before I do again.

Update: John at Blogotional makes an amazing response to this post. He trackbacked it, but I want to emphasize it: Defending The Military. Thank you John!

Update2: Welcome COTV Readers. Thanks for stopping by. Check out the comments on this post. They are pretty good.