Assumption of Command

16 May 2005

The Golden Rules.

The National Guard Experience is a good Milblog. It has some really funny stuff about being deployed. Like the The Golden Rules of Care Packages (BTW: JP is wrong about the Beef Jerky) and the highly anticipated follow-up Care Packages: What We Really Want. I just laugh when I read those. Just realize that JP is having fun, not really complaining, too much.

Since there has been a lot of talk about what you can and cannot do with you Milblog, JP has posted The Golden Rules of Milblogging:
IX. Simmer down. You might be a direct line to an American serviceman for the public back home, but don't think you're Geraldo Rivera as an embedded reporter. If you have enough time to blog every minute of the day, then trust me, your job on deployment isn't that interesting. No one can milblog all the time unless they're sitting behind some desk. Don't overkill. You'll just end up giving the few readers that you have an aneurysm.
All in all these are good rules to live by over here. They sure can keep you out of trouble.

If you aren't interested in the Golden Rules, there is a great post about JP's genius son, with cute kid pics! What my Son Did
Here's another story about my son and his Goofy doll (aka Daddy)... Now he's taken it to a whole new level. My wife sent me an email last week about what happened. I was wondering when my son would begin to use the Goofy doll to his advantage. He's still amusing himself with his Goofy doll that he calls "Daddy". But in fact, now he's taking him everywhere he goes so he can readily use Daddy for his own needs.