Assumption of Command

18 May 2005

Harvey Hits a Home Run

I wish I had positive news about the Royals, but since I am talking about the blogger Harvey at Bad Example. He is a really funny guy and he has good blogging tips too: 12 steps to better blogging. Not all blogs have to be about politics or the military or even opinions. Some are just about having fun, which is why I like to read Harvey's stuff. (He also said my banner is cool)

This time he, does something differant and really does hit a home run when he takes on the Huffinton thingamabob. This is the place the Jim Lampley has been making a fool of himself.

Harvey Writes:

And because it is, that makes it precious and loved. It becomes a work of passion. A labor of love. It draws the author back again and again, day after day. It's not for the money - although some bloggers do generate income with it - it's about being able to make something all your own that you can point to and say, "*I* did this. It may not be beautiful or perfect, but it's mine. It's a part of who I am. An important part. And I love it."

Arianna - and, indeed, all her group-blog-buddies - have other outlets. Outlets that are higher profile, less prone to criticism and feedback, and far more renumerative. Their natural inclination is to leverage their time into productive activities, and this project goes counter to that. This sad collection of celebrity cat-blogging can't possibly hold any appeal, outside of the opportunity to publicly lick Arianna's backside while appearing to be hip and trendy because they're blogging.
There is more good stuff in the whole post. Go check it out. That is an Order! :)